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Quantum’s innovative and disruptive approach to product development has delivered the RAPTOR series. Unique, problem solving and cost-effective – they enable customers to solve drone challenges.

Key features

  • Autonomous
  • AI-driven
  • Self-contained
  • Man-portable & hand-held


RAPTOR is Quantum’s unique Force Protection solution for dismounted troops, forward operating bases and high value infrastructure and personnel. Autonomous operation with kinetic or non-kinetic payloads plus return to home capability without GPS/GNSS provide the operator with safe and assured defence against the threat of drone attack.

Unique, proprietary state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence models drive an optical drone detection algorithm to accurately target threats and eliminate them.

Minimal logistical, training and support burdens ensure ease of operation.

RAPTOR variants may include networked capabilities, swarm defence, persistent Force Protection and surveillance. Contact us with specific requirements and we will create a solution to meet your Use Case.

Datasheet: Raptor Autonomous Hunter Killer Drone System

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RAPTOR indicative situational video.

Key features

  • Unique Deep Neural Network
  • AI/ML enabled algorithm
  • Outstanding autonomous optical drone detection


Quantum’s proprietary state of the art deep neural network to autonomously detect and track drone threats optically.

The system may be embedded in any existing camera-based security system and hosted in the cloud, via edge or mobile solutions. RAPTORVISION does not require expensive new hardware and uses the customer’s existing camera infrastructure to enable drone mitigation with minimal impact.

RAPTORVISION is a suitable solution for critical infrastructure, sensitive sites and VIP/HNWIs. The solution may also be provided on a Pay As You Go basis, particularly suitable for temporary needs such as events and high-profile visits. Quantum can provide all equipment for the requirement and install, operate and remove it at the end of the period.

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Key features

  • Multi-mission payloads
  • Flexible, configurable architecture

Raptor XL

Quantum’s heavy lift drone has a unique modular system to provide Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Explosive and Gas detection capabilities.

RAPTOR XL allows operators to remain safely beyond the danger area and so reduces risk to life and enhances flexibility. RAPTOR XL can operate Beyond Visual Line of Sight and stream live data including imagery back to its operating centre.

Ideal for military, governmental, NGO and energy customers facing potentially deadly substance airborne threats, RAPTOR XL is the choice when facing dangerous situations.

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