Drone Protection

Complete Security Solutions to Defend Against Drones

Situational Awareness Systems and Counter Measures

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Quantum Aviation is an exclusive delivery partner of CerbAir, the leading anti-drone RF technology company.

Quantum’s unique group of experts delivered airspace security for the London 2012 Olympic Games and numerous counter-terror projects and will secure your project using real-world experience and state of the art technology.

DroneProtect® offers a tailored and scalable system providing solutions to any requirement using bespoke technology and is available to purchase outright, lease or rent for protection of prisons, critical infrastructure, property, events and stadia.

DroneProtect® provides a tailored system of RF sensors, EO/IR cameras and radar to offer a holistic anti-drone capability able to detect, alert and track drone threats at ranges from 800m to 5km with an industry leading comprehensive database of drone control protocols to ensure maximum detection of threats across all major manufacturers

Counter-drone capabilities are available and may be fully integrated into the DroneProtect® operating system or utilised as stand-alone units.

Anti-drone system
Anti drone radio and Wi-Fi detection
Aerial anti-drone surveillance
Anti-Drone detection system
Drone Protection Radar

Quantum will deploy an expert team to conduct a site survey, risk assessment and provide recommendations to the client offering a menu of options about how to configure a suitable DroneProtect® system for their needs.

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