Drone Protection

Situational awareness systems to detect, alert and track drone threats

Quantum’s unique group of air security experts were responsible for the protection of the 2012 London Olympic Games and will secure your project using real world experience and state of the art technology. 

DroneProtect® offers clients a tailored and scalable capability to enhance situational awareness using technology specifically targeting the unique signature of drones and delivered at price points to suit all budgets.

Using a combination of radio and wi-fi signal detection with electro-optical cameras and if required, bespoke radar, DroneProtect® provides detection, alerting and when suitably specified, tracking of threats using a simple and intuitive operating system, pushing alerts to any remote smart device, laptop or PC.

DroneProtect® detects analogue and digital control signals including encrypted systems such as DJI Lightbridge. The system blends RF, optical and radar data to offer a holistic threat picture.

Drone Protection
Quantum will deploy an expert team to conduct a site survey, risk assessment and provide recommendations to the client offering a menu of options about how to configure a suitable DroneProtect® system for their needs. Contact us now to discuss your project: